Due to the hot weather in Lanzarote the roof lining of your vehicle can sag  usually after it is about 5 years old  unless of course you store your car in the shade whether under a pagoda or garaged. The material of the roof lining parts from it’s foam backing as the adhesive looses bonding properties due to extreme heat over a long period. To try and bond the lining back to the foam is a disaster as the new new adhesive just shows through the thin material.

We can fix this for you by removing the roof lining from the vehicle, tear off the old material and then wire brush all the old foam off to get back to the base roof card. We then lay in new foam backed material and bond it to the roof card using extremely high temperature adhesive . Door cards can be re-upolstered by the same method.    CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE

See the procedure in the pictures below.:-

Polo Roof 1 (2)Polo Roof 2Polo Roof 3Polo Roof 4polo roof 5polo roof 6polo roof 7polo roof 8 (2)polo roof 9polo roof 10