Our fully equipped workshop can maintain and service your vehicle ( petrol or diesel)  to a very high standard at reasonable cost. We are more than happy to offer you fixed price quotes where posible for the following:-

  • Regular servicingworkshop staff 009
  • Hassle free ITV. Plus pre-check
  • Timing belt change
  • Clutch replacement
  • Exchange engines or re-builds
  • Replacement roof linings
  • Diagnostics
  • Cylinder head gasket change
  • Gearbox re-builds


Parts here in the Canary Islands can be more expensive than the UK due to avialability and our location. However we are more than happy unlike some of our competitors to source  parts from other countries within Europe should time allow, to save you money.

PAINTWORKHyundai paint 2

We can also tackle small paintwork jobs, i.e. strip peeling lacquer and re-spray to colour. We also have contacts in Arrecife to undertake accident damage including total re-sprays and can obtain you sensible fixed price quotes.Hyundai paint


Apart from your home your vehicle is probably your most expensive individual purchase. So looking after it is of utmost importance and it is advisable that you should have an annual service or more frequently if you cover a high mileage. Do not forget to make sure you change your TIMING BELTS at the recomended intervals as failure to do so can be extremely expensive as extensive damage to your engine can occur.